VRB Power Systems Inc.

Based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, VRB Power Systems Inc. is an electrochemical energy storage company that has commercialized the patented Vanadium Redox Battery Energy Storage System ("VRB-ESS") and has acquired the intellectual property rights and assets to the Regenesys Energy Storage System ("RGN-ESS"). Classified as redox flow battery technologies, the VRB-ESS and RGN-ESS can effectively store electricity on demand and provide direct economic benefits to utilities and end users in terms of improved power quality, reliability and energy efficiency. The VRB-ESS and RGN-ESS are particularly well suited to load leveling (peak shaving), electrical power arbitrage, grid stability enhancements, capital deferment and Remote Area Power Supply (RAPS) applications. They are primarily focused on stationary power sources such as utility substations, commercial buildings, production facilities, telecommunication operations, cellular radio sites, and renewable resource generation such as wind farms - creating the ability to provide "firm" capacity.

As "green" technologies, the VRB-ESS and RGN-ESS are characterized by the lowest ecological impact of all energy storage technologies and are unlike most other conventional energy storage systems that rely on toxic substances such as lead, zinc or cadmium.

The VRB-ESS uses a Vanadium based electrolyte and is intended for applications from 2.5kW's to 10MW's with durations of 2 hours and greater. The RGN-ESS uses electrolytes of concentrated solutions of sodium bromide and sodium polysulphide. The RGN-ESS is intended for applications from 10MW's to 100 MW's with durations of 8 to 12 hours.

VRB Power is the only provider of a full range of Energy Storage products for use by end users and utilities. This comprises four product lines:

  1. The VRB-ESS for small systems sized for telecom applications (2.5kW's to 10kW's - multiple hours) intended to replace lead acid battery backup systems.
  2. The VRB-ESS for small systems designed for Utility and Remote Area Power Supply systems (less than 25kW's - multiple hours).
  3. The VRB-ESS for larger applications from 25kW's to 10MW's - multiple hours.
  4. The RGN-ESS for very large utility scale applications from 10MW's to 100MW's - 8 to 12 hours of duration.

VRB Power is publicly listed on the TSX Venture Exchange ("VRB") and the OTC Pinksheets ("VRBPF").

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